In the hands of contemporary artist Dominique Latoel with indigenous Moluccan roots, a striking silver bracelet comes to life. This meticulously designed piece of silver jewelry not only serves as a testament to artistic prowess but also catapults creativity to new dimensions. The inspiration behind this creation stems from the profound cultural roots embedded in the Moluccan heritage, specifically drawing from the traditional ‘salawaku’ shield that holds a significant role in Moluccan culture.

The bracelet, a three-dimensional masterpiece, intricately weaves together tradition and modern design. Each detail pays homage to the symbolic elements of the ‘salawaku,’ capturing the very essence of Moluccan culture within the curves and contours of the silver jewelry. The artist transcends boundaries, seamlessly merging personal vision with the rich tapestry of heritage.

In this artistic endeavor, the silver bracelet becomes a vessel for storytelling, eloquently connecting the past with the present. The piece projects a vibrant narrative of indigenous roots, symbolizing cultural resilience and beauty. Every nuance in the craftsmanship underscores the fusion of tradition and innovation, highlighting Latoel’s deep appreciation for Moluccan heritage. This contemporary creation stands as a testament to enduring cultural richness encapsulated within the timeless ‘salawaku.’

The bracelet was shown at the IKAT Exhibition at Museum Maluku, the Hague