IKAT #04 Museum Maluku | The Hague, The Netherlands

The “IKAT” exhibit at the Museum Maluku in 2021 was a profound exploration of creativity and connection between two distinct artists, showcasing the remarkable works of Dominique Latoel and Lucas Silawanebessy. The collaboration was marked by a shared commitment to freedom of thought, a theme that resonated throughout the exhibit.

My work, inspired by indigenous Alifuru symbols and culture, offered viewers a visual journey into the expanses of the mind. Lucas Silawanebessy’s works, on the other hand, embodied a unique blend of culture and innovation, reflecting his own imaginative pursuits. What bound our creations together was the vibrant blue color palette that flowed through the exhibit, symbolizing the limitless expanse of creative expression.

This exhibit was a significant milestone in my career, as it marked the realization of a vision I had initially conceived for the Museum Maluku. To see our combined efforts come to life a year later was a testament to the power of artistic vision and determination. “IKAT” served as a celebration of free thinking, artistic expression, and the beauty of seeing dreams transformed into reality within the hallowed walls of the museum.