Moluccan Artist Dominique Latoel (1980) currently resides in Deventer, The Netherlands after living a decade in Amsterdam and New York City. His Alifuru roots (Indigenous people of the Moluccan Islands), importance him to keep his culture alive to share with the world. As a Moluccan contemporary artist with indigenous Alifuru roots, his art serves as a vessel to express my cultural heritage and promote awareness of its significance. Through his work, he explores the intersection of traditional Alifuru beliefs and modern-day life, seeking to preserve and honor the wisdom of my ancestors while connecting
it to contemporary issues.

Latoel is inspired by the rich natural beauty and cultural diversity of the Moluccan islands, and his art reflects the deep spiritual connection that exists between his people and the land.

Through the use of vibrant colors and intricate patterns, Latoel seeks to capture the essence of the Alifuru culture and convey its beauty and power to a wider audience.

His work also aims to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions that surround indigenous cultures, particularly in the Western world. By creating art that is rooted in his own experiences and cultural heritage, Latoel creates a dialogue that promotes understanding and respect for all cultures and traditions.

Overall, his art is a celebration of the resilience and vitality of the Alifuru culture, and a reminder of the importance of preserving and promoting indigenous voices and perspectives in the contemporary world.