You Will Know When You Know It, So You Will See When You Get There

Exciting news! Release Limited Edition Print (50 pc) at the upcoming event at MOMENTUM Deventer on Friday, May 3rd.

“Life presents us with the opportunity to gain awareness of things that we may not fully comprehend until later stages. It’s a journey where insights unfold gradually, like a map revealing its intricate details over time. Sometimes, clarity dawns only when we reach a particular destination. In those moments, a profound realization strikes, illuminating our path with newfound understanding. Whether it’s about love, purpose, or the essence of existence, life teaches us to embrace the journey, knowing that wisdom awaits at every turn. It’s in the journey itself that we discover the depth of our perceptions and the richness of our experiences.”

Title: “You Will Know When You Know It, So You Will Feel When You Get There”
• Year: 2024
• Limited Edition of 50
• 40 x 55,3 cm / 5 cm white board
• Hahnemühle Photorag Paper 308 gr.
• Signed and numbered by Dominique Latoel
• Hand-embossed signature logo
• Certificate of Authenticity card

Pre-order now for € 175,- and get 2 FREE drinks at the event:
– Bobby’s Gin Cocktail
– Good Jamu refreshing drink

Or grab your print at the event for € 200,- (without frame).
Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of art that promises to captivate.

Location: MOMENTUM Deventer
Lange Bisschopstraat 5 Deventer
Date: Friday 3 May
Time: 19.00 – 22.00
Music by: DJ Dusty
Photography by Jonathan Moody
Produced by Cookie Deaux

Bobby’s Dry Gin . Good Jamu . Stoop & Co . LOMAE Massages & Beauty Care