Visual Art Experiece x Moluccan Vibes

The synergy among four Moluccan artists at Moluccan Vibes 4 was electrifying. As a contemporary artist, my creations offer a unique visual journey. The music piece of SIROJ (Joris Titawano) harmonize seamlessly with the dance moves of Ava Sopacua while the Moluccan violist player Celeste Engel melodies infuse soul. Together, our intuitive workflow transcends boundaries, enveloping guests in a multisensory experience, where culture and creativity unite, celebrating the vibrant spirit of the Moluccas. Grateful to share this experience for our Moluccan Kids at Maluku.

Music: SIROJ
Violin: Celeste Engel
Dance: Ava Sopacua
Visual Art: Dominique Latoel
Animation: Henque
Technical Support: Uriël Matahelumual