Virgin Voyages Resilient Lady

“Embracing Life In Between The Waves”

As the sun sets on the horizon and the gentle hum of ocean waves fills the air, passengers aboard the Virgin Voyages ‘Resilient Lady’ are greeted by a stunning sight on the basketball court.
Two murals stand as a testament to the creative spirit and the love for the sea. The murals capture the essence of playing basketball on water, where agility and harmony with nature are paramount.
In the first mural, a bold and vibrant depiction of a basketball player soaring gracefully between crashing waves embodies the thrill of the game. Each wave becomes
a moment of challenge and opportunity, symbolizing life’s highs and lows.

The second mural complements the first, showing the player in a moment of pure joy, having conquered the waves. It’s a celebration of resilience, unity, and the exhilaration of triumph against
all odds. ‘Embracing Life In Between The Waves’ serves as a reminder that life’s most exhilarating moments often occur in the spaces between challenges, where we find our balance and ride the waves with grace. These captivating murals are not just art; they are an invitation to embrace life’s journey with open arms, just as the ‘Resilient Lady’ embraces the open sea.

Thanks to the entire team of Volume Creative, Callie Tedder-Hares, Kate Brewer, Julian Narvaez,
the Crew of the Ship for providing the good food and last but not least my bro My Key B.

Shot by My Key B
Cut by Sam Golbach