The GYM Apeldoorn

I am beyond excited to share with you an incredible collaboration with @thegymapeldoorn and yours truly. We came together to bring a stunning fusion of sports and art culture at The GYM Apeldoorn! My art reflects the beauty and diversity of the Alifuru Culture, creating traditional symbols and patterns to create unique and meaningful artworks that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Alifuru people.

Together we’ve created an unforgettable mural art piece and an apparel collection that celebrate the power and energy of sports and fitness, while also paying homage to the ancient symbols and traditions of the Alifuru culture. The GYM Apeldoorn has provided the perfect backdrop for this amazing collaboration, with its state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to promoting health, wellness and culture.

So if you’re a lover of art, fitness, or just looking for something truly inspiring to brighten up your day, be sure to check out the Mural painting and the apparel clothing line.

Jean Monnetpark 67 | 7336 BB Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

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