Slavery Art Installation ‘Closing Your Eyes Doesn’t Make It Disappear’

Honored to share the recent unveiling of my thought-provoking art installation ‘Closing Your Eyes doesn’t make it Disappear’ at Deventer City Hall. As a contemporary artist, I aim to shed light on the pressing issue of modern-day slavery. Through my work, I challenge viewers to reflect on whether slavery has truly been abolished and raise awareness that it still persists today, often unnoticed. By urging conscious observation and deep contemplation, I hope to ignite conversations and inspire action towards a more just society. Let us unite in recognizing this ongoing struggle and strive for change.

1 July – 5 Sept. 2023
Stadshuis Deventer

Supported by: Deventer Verhaal and Street Art Street
Construction: Tomba Bouw Amsterdam
Photography: Jonathan Moody
Models: Marvin Hendriks, Ullie Creebsburg, Omar Salhuteru, Dae Patty,
Eleison Usmany and Sui Lomae Latoel
Printed: Provision Amsterdam

Special Thanks to:
 Jemuel Patty, Celine Ririmasse, Cyrille van Marion (Usmany) and Lucia Timisela

Photocredits: Ronald Hissink