As a Moluccan contemporary artist, I am honored to write a piece about my 25-year friendship with Sander de Coninck and our collaboration at MOMENTUM. Our friendship started 25 years ago when we were young and shared passions for vinyl toys, Marvel, music, sneakers, etc. Over the years,
we gained a lot of individual life experiences, but our friendship has always remained.

When Sander asked me to create the logo and a mural painting for his new coffee bar, I knew right away that we could create something special. We wanted the logo and mural to convey the feeling
of “the moment” because that’s exactly what we wanted to communicate to customers at MOMENTUM.

It was fantastic to see how all the pieces fell into place when we worked on this project together.
We had so many shared passions and ideas that the creative flow came naturally. It’s an honor to share my creations with the visitors of MOMENTUM, and I am grateful to Sander for this opportunity. Our 25-year friendship has not only given us many beautiful memories but also helped us realize
a beautiful project that connects us to our passions and Moluccan culture.

MOMENTUM. Espresso | BAR
Lange Bisschopstraat 5 | Deventer Centrum

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