Moluccan Future Foundation X Dominique Latoel

Today, climate, health, and environmental issues are topics of conversation in politics at the local, national, and international levels. These topics are extensively discussed in television programs, on social media, in education, and in daily life. Society is becoming more aware of global environmental pollution and its consequences for our nature, our health, and the future of our children.

The clean drinking water filter projects of MFF also make a difference and contribute to a better environment. Plastic waste and the plastic soup are partly caused by the disposal of plastic drinking water bottles or cups. In the Moluccas, not only is there plastic soup in the sea, but there are also entire plastic landscapes. Overall pollution has serious consequences for the environment and the health of people.

Moluccan Future Foundation is joining forces with the Moluccan artist Dominique Latoel, who also serves as an ambassador for MFF, to collaborate on a special t-shirt project. The proceeds from this collaboration will be used to provide water filters for villages in Maluku. This initiative demonstrates the commitment of the Moluccan Future Foundation to improve the quality of life in the Maluku region by ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water. Dominique Latoel’s involvement as both an artist and an MFF ambassador underscores the importance of this project and the creative expression it represents. By purchasing these t-shirts, individuals can directly contribute to this noble cause, making a positive impact on the communities in Maluku in need of clean water.