29 Oct. was the beginning of something bigger than the Exhibit itself. The concept MOEDERLAND (Motherland / Molo Uku) has many stories with high levels of energy and deeper meanings. The purpose of my new body of ART works has to do with DECOLONIZE ourself from the past narratives and write new chapters for our future generations to reclaim our rights and never lose our IDENTITY. Not now, not ever. The truth of potential will manifest as an individual so as a group that’ll rise to next levels of consciousness. Your truth is waiting for you to be discovered by unexpected experiences that makes you aware of spiritual unity. Be grateful for becoming you that inspire others to become too. This is for my people: ALIFURU the Indigenous People of Molo Uku.

📍Pulchri Studio The Hague ~ The Netherlands
📅 Till 27 November 2022
⏰ Tuesday – Sunday 12.00 – 17.00 hr
Entrance : Free[dom]

Participating Artists:
Ben Manusama / Ingrid van der Hoeven / Aura Op de Camp / Armando Ello
Dominique Latoel / Shelly Lapré / Gijs Verschoor