[H]erkennen herbouwen wonderkamers van het Rotterdams koloniaal verleden

As a Moluccan contemporary artist, my participation in the exhibit “[H]erkennen Herbouwen – Wonderkamers van het Rotterdams koloniaal verleden” at Kunsthal Rotterdam collaborated with Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and Verhalenhuis Belvedere serves a vital purpose—to create awareness about my Indigenous people, the Alifuru. Our history is deeply rooted in a self-sustained system that thrived long before the dark era of slavery engulfed us. Through my art, I aim to shed light on the resilience and rich cultural heritage of the Alifuru, fostering a deeper understanding of our ancestral connection and the significance of preserving it in the face of historical adversity.

Thanks to the entire KunstHal Team, Boijmans, Belvedere, guest curator Patricia Kaersenhout, participating artists Landelijk Moluks Monument and you the audience who spread the word outwards to keep the conversations flowing in order to heal yourself 🙏🏾

24 June – 29 Oct 2023
Kunsthal Rotterdam

Photocredits: Bas Czerwinski & Marco de Swart