Gisteren is nodig om morgen te begrijpen

In 2021, a significant year for the Moluccan community in the Netherlands, they marked
several milestones. Seventy years ago, in March 1951, the first Moluccans,
KNIL soldiers and their families, arrived at Loydskade in Rotterdam.

2021 also commemorated sixty years since Moluccans settled in Deventer. It was the thirtieth anniversary of the iconic Moluccan church, Maranatha, designed by the renowned architect
Aldo van Eijck and his wife, Hannie van Eijck-van Roojen. Nestled within the heart of the
Moluccan neighborhood in the Oranjebuurt of Deventer.

Their shared Moluccan-Dutch history spans over 400 years, originating from the colonial era in Dutch East Indies, marked by exploitation, oppression, and a divide-and-conquer approach.

Amid this backdrop, preserving these stories is vital. These narratives include tales of pain, sorrow, resilience, and empowerment. To commemorate 60 years of Moluccan presence in Deventer, Dominique Latoel created artwork for the book “Gisteren is nodig om morgen te begrijpen.”

Title: Masyarakat (community)
Year: 2021
Dimensions: 100 cm (w) x 90 cm (h)
Technique: Acrylic on linnen
Edition: 1/1

Price on request