Awareness Moluccan Identity MAHAI Exhibition | Baarn, The Netherlands

We Revive, We Live.

The two-day MAHAI exhibition took place on Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd and 3rd, 2021
at a special and inspiring location, the Jardin d’Hiverre at the Bomencentrum in Baarn ( It’s an incredibly beautiful, sustainable, and green environment that greatly inspires us as artists. MAHAI consists of various components that contribute to a museum’s knowledge function, education, and cultural activities. The event encompasses various art disciplines, including art exhibitions, interactive workshops, musical performances, spoken word,
and theater by different artists, messengers, and cultural carriers.

The Purpose of MAHAI

With MAHAI, we aim to contribute to cultural awareness, the preservation of our culture, and fostering unity in our society. Through art, we want to share and promote Moluccan culture and provide a platform for Moluccan (new) talent. We hope to inspire both the young and the old.

During our first exhibition in 2018, we discovered that there was a great interest in Moluccan art within the Moluccan community and beyond. This highly successful exhibition lasted only one day, which was too short! There was a need for more conversations, depth, and interaction,
both from visitors and artists.

With MAHAI, we aim to create this time and space by offering a multi-day event. This allows
for more interaction between artists and visitors and more time to appreciate the art.

The location of MAHAI also provides space, tranquility, and inspiration.
It is a place where our art can truly shine, and a place that connects and inspires.

Photography: Sergio Risamasu