AvrosTros ‘Klassiek meets Kunst’

As an Indigenous Moluccan contemporary artist, I am thrilled to be a part of the upcoming art exhibit which is part of the Vrijdagconcert in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht on 19 May 2023 curated by AvroTros.kunst The fact that my art will be showcased alongside a classic concert by Wagner’s Prelude und Liebestod uit Tristan und Isolde, Goebaidoelina’s Vioolconcert nr. 3 “Ich und Du” (Dutch Première), and Rachmaninov’s Symfonie nr. 3 is an honor for me. As I walked into the empty concert hall of TivoliVredenburg, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe at the vast space that surrounded me. The stage was bare and the seats were empty, but I could feel the energy of the countless performances that had taken place there. That makes this experience truly special for me. It’s an opportunity to showcase our Indigenous Moluccan culture through my art, while also paying homage to the beautiful classic music being performed.

I believe that the combination of my art and classic music creates a powerful and unique experience for the audience. My art is inspired by our cultural heritage, which is deeply rooted in spirituality, and I hope that this will be conveyed through my live painting session. And now, as part of the one day exhibit, my painting will serve as a trailer for the exhibit that is part of a classic concert on 19 of May 2023 at TivoliVredenburg Utrecht.