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This project was kind of last minute but I would like to tell where it came from. Last year my friend Gideon Jonker asked me to design a logo for his fight event Honor Fight League in Curaçao. This year he invited me for Honor Fight League. I really respect his dedication and passion he has for Martial Arts and his hospitality so wanna give a big s/o to him. During my trip I hooked up with Avantia from Une Arte to do a mural. She had 2 options and the mural at the beach was the best one. With 30 degrees of sunshine I had a goodtime that morning. Thank you for this opportunity! Curaçao we see eachother the next round!

S/O: Gideon Jonker, IMMARTIAL,  G-Double-E, Brett Russel, Avantia Damberg, Une Arte,  Dimangio Jano and his crew.

Year: 2018
Location: Marichi Beach Punda, Curaçao


© 2017 DOMINIQUE imaginative artist