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✨ I AM grateful for this Glashard Exhibit at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam to shine light on our people and culture. We as indigenous people are vibrating on different energy levels than western societies made us believe what reality is. There are multiple reality layers we as human beings cannot see with our eyes but are able to tap into them with thoughts, feelings and emotions. This site-specific work is a door to your feelings and give value to growth and continue your own spiritual journey, something I’ve learned from my own people: the Alifuru from the mountains of Ceram / Nusa Ina from Molo Uku. We like to thank you for connecting and support on spiritual way. Ami ainisi iake nai osa arihoni pusimo tau oakahaima nea. Mae ite nahute mina, salo kawa heke mina ehe tamakele e.

📅  16 Oct 21 ~ 16 Jan 22
📍 Location De Glasfabriek
✍🏾  Curated by Opperclaes
🎥  Video by Brand New Guys agency
🖥  Branding by FFONO•
🤝  Supported by Mondriaan Fonds
📷  Noah Apituley / Andre Leatomu

© 2017 DOMINIQUE imaginative artist