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My cultural background triggered me since I was around the age of 11 / 12. I had the urge to explore the deeper meanings of our culture. My mom raised me with art in general and I’ve seen alot of churches and went to even more museums during our holidays. Along the way Ive created my path to develop myself as a graphic designer with a wide spectrum of interests like architecture, contemporary art, music, fashion, sneaker culture and so on. A decade ago I lived in New York City and was doing freelance gigs for the well known ‘swooh’ and the ‘3 stripes’ sports brands, something I wanted to experience myself. I really enjoyed it those years but my desire to bring my culture to the table and create awareness for my people: the Alifuru, the Indigenous of the Moluccan Lease Islands in Melanesia has more value to me than just creating cool things for consumers without any intentions besides selling them.


Culture meets Sport

The last couple of years I asked myself on daily basis how I could unfold my true potential to make people aware of my Indigenous roots. I’ve experienced it so many times when my artwork or creation has been launched a few moments later it lost people attention because we live in a ‘swipe’ society these days. Quality over quantity feels more natural to me, with that been said I always put value into the time I invest in creating. I’ve been working for a couple of year with Gideon Jonker, also a Moluccan guy located in Curacao. He runs his own gym IMMARTIAL athelete centre, doing martial arts / kickboxing events under the name HONOR Fight league and on top of that he has his own fight gear brand BAMM. I said to him: ‘Let me know when your boxing gloves are sold out so we can brainstorm how we can collaborate our culture with sport and my art.’ I am really exiting about this first culture – sport project I’ve been working on. We decided to work together with Moluccan Fighters (with chapters in The Netherlands, Curacao, Bali and Brasil) so we unite our Moluccan Roots and show the world our way of working together for our people at Maluku.


“The Alifuru, the Indigenous of the Moluccan Lease Islands in Melanesia has more value to me than just creating cool things”

Pre Order Now

There are only 75 sets of these ‘BAMM x Moluccan Fighters x DOMINIQUE’ Boxing gloves and Shin protectors, which has been tested by Moluccan Fighters!
Go order a set (the link here ) today. I am really grateful for support, it means more than a lot to me.

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