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DOMINIQUE [1980, autodidact] started his career in the 90’s as a graphic designer with a strong affection in street art culture. His early signature work got him into working for A list clients such as Adidas, Footlocker, Nike EU/NYC, Patagonia, Fuji Film, ONE Championship to name a few. These experiences fed his drive in development towards personal growth of insights, which show in his own artistic projects.
As an artist with Alifuru roots (the Indigenous people of the Moluccan Islands), it’s important for him to keep the Alifuru culture alive and to share it with the world. They are strongly connected with nature as with the spiritual world where symbols are an important element. These signs tell the stories of their bond with nature and spirit guides. They function like a compass. Heavily inspired by native art, his symbols are a creation based on the Indigenous language.

1996 Graphic Design Netherlands
2001 Multi Media Design Netherlands

Selected Work

– Apparel Design, Mangio’s Movement | Amsterdam, Netherlands

– Mural Painting, Tattoo Shop | Deventer, Netherlands
– Mural Painting, Het Amsterdams Verbond | Amsterdam, Netherlands
– Mural Painting, Astrand Pop Podium | Ede, Netherlands

– Mural Painting, Marichi Beach | Willemstad, Curaçao

– Cover & Apparel Design, Boef | Amsterdam, Netherlands
– Painting, Craftdistrict | Bali, Indonesia
– Mural Painting, All Caps Gallery | Bali, Indonesia
– Skatepool Mural Painting, Burnside Skatepark | Deventer, Netherlands

Upcoming Group Shows

– Municipal Art Acquisitions, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– Group Exhibition, AMI (Awareness Moluccan Identity) | The Netherlands

Group Shows

– Group Exhibition, AMI (Awareness Moluccan Identity) | Utrecht, Netherlands
– Group Exhibition, Wallery Gallery | Stockholm, Sweden

– Live Painting, Solar Music Festival | Roermond, Netherlands

© 2017 DOMINIQUE imaginative artist